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the production of voice content by enabling nuanced emotions and voice personalization, empowering more people to consume audio-visual content in the languages they speak with realistic and expressive voices.
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We collaborate with Research Groups and Industries to explore innvotive product ideas and breakthroughs in technology

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Discover limitless possibilities as a voice talent with Voice Tune.
Monetize your collaboration and increase your visibility by having a place in our stock of library voices
We partner with the ADAPT Research Center
Collaborating with Prof. Rachel McDonnel from Trinity College Dublin and the ADAPT Research Centre, our research delves into the impact of synthetic voices on the perception of Realistic and Expressive Avatars.


What makes VoiceTune different from other AI voice solutions?

Our AI voices are highly expressive and tunable with many nuanced emotions, making them perfect for various industries.

How does VoiceTune work?

VoiceTune is a cloud-based web service that transforms text into high-quality, expressive speech with emotions. You are continuously exploding the features for customizing the AI voice's characteristics to suit your needs.

How is the value of real actor voices preserved in the presence of AI voices?

Preserving the authentic value of real actor voices is paramount. VoiceTune ensures a harmonious blend, leveraging AI voices to enhance efficiency while cherishing the distinctive emotional depth and authenticity that real actors bring to the forefront. This collaborative approach allows us to uphold the richness of human performances in the evolving landscape of voice technology.

Can VoiceTune assist with multi-language voice production?

Yes, VoiceTune is capable of providing AI voices in multiple languages, allowing for global voice content creation and localization.

Is VoiceTune compatible with various applications and platforms?

Certainly! VoiceTune's AI voices can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of applications and platforms, including gaming, entertainment, virtual assistants, and more. Our flexible solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of different industries.

How long has VoiceTune been in the industry?

VoiceTune's journey began in 2018 with the idea and market feasibility study. We've since developed our technology and launched our Beta Service in August 2023.